"After such a long time of constant discomfort and episodes of eye-watering pain, Samantha was so kind, so empathetic and so knowledgeable that I felt that finally someone was actually listening to me and my body.
Samantha's thorough but gentle assessments discovered the possible root cause of my pain 12 months before the NHS was able to confirm it, and her acupressure massage and acupuncture treatments to manage the pain and discomfort have been a blessing. For me, the relief from muscular pain through acupuncture is like a soft, warm, lightly weighted blanket that soothes when applied and gives me better and more comfortable mobility after it's done.
Seriously cannot recommend Samantha's magic touch enough, she's been absolutely amazing." 
Patient -Combined Acupuncture and Soft tissue Treatment -Ocean Therapy

I have now had 2 sessions with lovely Samantha for my fibro pain, mainly neck, shoulders. Using acupuncture and massage, the relief was instant and lasted a good 4-5 days on the first visit, def worth a visit and Samantha is such a lovely lady and puts you at ease straight away even for us body conscious people!! Thanks Sam!! 

Patient - Combined Acupuncture and Soft tissue Ocean Therapy  

''I have been seeing Samantha over a period of time with various problems. I find her to be really good at her job with so much dedication in what she does. She offers acupuncture as well as deep soft tissue massage. With so many people offering only massage I had to look no further to know that Samantha was the one who would get be back to how I wanted to be. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.''  

Patient -Combined Acupuncture and Soft Tissue-Ocean Therapy 

''After my initial Acupuncture and soft tissue treatment the headaches and tension down my neck are pretty much gone, I feel  re energised in a way that I have not felt in a long time, it's as if a huge weight has been lifted as a result of your work. Thank you Sam you have already made a huge difference.''  

" I have been receiving treatment from Sam for over a decade now. As a fitness professional and active mum I need regular treatments to reduce injury, maintain my energy and support past injuries. I always say Sam is magic, one of my favourite treatments is acupuncture and the new Electic stimulation .... I recently went over on my ankle and Sam has helped me get back to running confidently and working. I can honestly say without Sam I wouldn't be functioning as I do, she is my secret weapon. Thank you Sam for all your efforts and making me feel so positive" 
Patient -Acupuncture and regular soft tissue treatments.

Acupuncture & Combined soft tissue patient-Ocean Therapy

''Thanks Boris, I could hardly walk before my session I am walking normal again! 

Thank you , highly recommended-Go to see him Guys!'' 

Victor Frampton -Patient Ocean Therapy

“Playing Wheelchair rugby means that i put a lot of force through my shoulders. Since having soft tissue treatments with Samantha i have noticed that my flexibility has improved plus it assists my recovery”.
Mark Fosebrook


GB Wheelchair Rugby

“During the year that i was receiving treatments from Samantha she was able to identify the cause and treat the back pain and sciatica symptoms that had been troubling me for years and had never been successfully diagnosed and remedied.

I can honestly say that the treatment i received from Samantha changed my life enabling me to start exercising again, lose weight and generally enjoy a better, pain free quality of life”.

Corporate employee

“Working with Samantha was a real privilege and an education. Her natural energy and charisma made treatments fun, whilst her practical ability in helping my body recover was second to none. This allowed me to train at higher levels and prevent the onset of injury.”

Tom Parsons


GB Track & Field team-High jump….

As a full time athlete and 4 X Paralympian, it is essential I remain fit to help enable me compete at a world level, but also importantly stay healthy. Having known Sam since 2007, I regularly have soft tissue therapy sessions with her, to manage injury and ensure well being. Without treatments I have received from Sam, I would not have achieved the success I have had in my sporting career, as I look forward to possibly competing at a 5th Paralympic Games later this year in Rio. Sam is extremely professional and passionate about her work. Therefore, I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam to any individual who require treatment for injury”

Nigel Murray MBE