Claire Nutrition


The science of nutrition is working out how to optimise the way our bodies work through healthy attitudes and approaches to food, what we eat and working out exactly what we as individuals need to be healthy. Nutritionists will assess, monitor and modify the current diet of an individual to tailor and adapt their eating habits and patterns to better suit their personal requirements.

Diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and gastrointestinal disease can be addressed with dietary correction .

Sporting performance can also be maximised through tailor made diet plans and carefully controlled tapering and carb loading.

As a qualified nutritionist I recognise that every person is unique and therefore has an individual set of dietary requirements. It is my job to establish whether or not an individual’s diet is right for their current state of health. I can then formulate a personalised programme to ensure that the diet addresses any nutritional deficiencies and contains all of the essential components.

Clare prices

1:1 consultation for weight loss or lean muscle gain, sports nutrition, or general healthy eating advice.

The initial consultation (1hr – 1hr 15minutes: £60 )

Consultations are completely confidential and conducted in a supportive environment.

During the initial consultation I will take a full diet history and discuss your needs. I will also ask you to complete a medical questionnaire (I may advise you to consult your GP as a result of this). I will then assess your body composition using bioelectrical impedance scales. These will measure your weight, body fat, lean mass and hydration levels etc and are used as a base to monitor your progress. Following this I will work with you to agree your goals be they to reduce body fat or gain lean weight, train for a specific event including tapering and organise your nutrition on the big day. I will then work with you and your needs to develop a realistic and achievable programme that works with your food preferences and circumstances. Advice will be given on how to change your diet with simple and achievable steps, fact sheets and recipe ideas as appropriate. A full diet plan will then be created by myself and sent to you electronically once all of the information has been gathered and calculations made. Clients will also be asked to complete a daily food diary, writing down everything they eat and drink and timings. These are to be brought along to the follow up consultation.

Follow up consultation (up to 45 minutes : £45 )

Usually 2 – 3 weeks following the initial consultation.