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ocean Therapy –Newsletter March 2019


Well here we are almost through March, where has the month gone? Soon the clocks will spring forward allowing us to enjoy longer lighter evenings for that walk, run or post work escape!! Here at Ocean therapy Samantha is continuing to study hard for her orthopaedic Acupuncture Diploma which has brought up some interesting topics for further conversation…. more of that next month….


 Rebecca our Reflexologist and newest team member has settled in well, and is currently offering treatments on Wednesday Morning and Thursday afternoons at Ocean Therapy. She has recently attended a CPD course in Dorset covering the physical and emotional effects that multiple sclerosis has on the body, Rebecca can now plan a specific treatment plan to support patients with this condition. She also continues to attend her Naturopathic nutrition course in Bristol which looks at using nutrition and lifestyle to heal and maintain optimal health within the body. Helena’s first organised Osteopathic group CPD on ‘fascia’ went very well with a full house. For more information and dates of Future CPD events check out…. www.facebook.com/DorsetCPD


  … Boris is training hard towards his 6thfull distance Ironman triathlon in Vichy, France…Here’s a little news from him….’’I’m looking forward to it as it will be my first overseas competition, and for once the weather should be predictably warm! I am getting some decent running mileage under my belt, which has been the main thing to hold me back-until now!! I feel that the amount of strength training with specific attention to gluteal activating exercises has been very influential. As well as weights, I have incorporated small resistance bands with easy glute activating strength exercises such as Crab walks, bridges and clams. These simple yet effective exercises have been combined with specific soft tissue techniques to the opposing muscle groups, (i.e. the hip flexors) which when lengthened or deactivated help to fire up our easily neglected gluteal muscles which when inhibited can give rise to predisposing problem’s and niggles along the length of our kinetic chain including low back pain, sciatica type symptoms, knee, ankle pain and many more issues, that can soon become frustrating Injuries. These as we all know, can impede on our training programme and ultimately be the reason for having to pull out of that race or competition.’’


  Here at Ocean Therapy we understand the importance of correct Gluteal firing sequence and strength is paramount to all of us, not solely the competitive athlete but the occasional park run participant, active mum or the keen gardener……therefore we include these exercises when we are working with PT & rehabilitation clients, Patients are going from strength to strength!!! The message here is that all of us have muscles and to remain as functional as possible gluteal activation exercises combined with a regular soft tissue maintenance programme may just help you, regardless of your background or occupation. For further information please contact us we are happy to discuss you needs and answer any questions that you may have.   




Boris working with a patient in the gym with specific gluteal strengthening exercises.



……Stop press…. Rebecca is going to offer a 30% discount off her one hour Reflexology treatments throughout April just look out for the offer on Facebook. For anyone who would like to pre-book please ring: 01305 831726.  

…. Till then take good care of your amazing body and remember we are here for all your maintenance soft tissue, Osteopathy, Reflexology, Acupuncture, and Nutrition needs!!


Warm regards


The Ocean Therapy team




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